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Jatinder Chowdhary
Jatinder Chowdhary 2016.11.22 02:42 

I'm looking for script/indicator/EA that will tweet my signal .

My indicator generates signals like this

EURUSD BUY@1.258 TP@1.4785 SP@1.3698

as soon as signal generates, I want this twited to my acct.


let me know if there is any tool available



Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev 2016.11.22 08:01  

MetaTrader 5: Publishing trading forecasts and live trading statements via e-mail on blogs, social networks and dedicated websites

Automatic web-publication of trading forecasts has become a widespread trend in the trading industry. Some traders or companies use Internet as a medium for selling subscribed signals, some traders use it for their own blogs to inform about their track record, some do it in order to offer programming or consultancy services. Others publish signals just for fame or fun.

This article aims to present ready-made solutions for publishing forecasts using MetaTrader 5. It covers a range of ideas: from using dedicated websites for publishing MetaTrader statements, through setting up one's own website with virtually no web programming experience needed and finally integration with a social network microblogging service that allows many readers to join and follow the forecasts.

All solutions presented here are 100% free and possible to setup by anyone with a basic knowledge of e-mail and ftp services. There are no obstacles to use the same techniques for professional hosting and commercial trading forecast services.
Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev 2016.11.22 08:04  

'Why not publish my trading signals on the Twitter?' - Building a Social Technology Startup, Part I: Tweet Your MetaTrader 5 Signals

This article aims to illustrate, through a practical example, how you can communicate an MetaTrader 5 terminal with an external web service. We are tweeting the trading signals generated by an Expert Advisor.

This idea comes from a particular conception of automatic trading called computer-assisted trading. In a nutshell, the computers of the XXI century do not have cognitive abilities, but they are very good at processing information and executing data. So why do not we build computer systems using human brains as filters to make decisions? This approach is inspired on the Human-based computation (HBC) paradigm, hence focuses on building decision support tools, rather than coding decision maker algorithms.

I had initially thought about creating an RSS feed with the trading signals generated by my EAs (it is assumed that there is a medium or long term underlying trading system, this idea is not valid for automatic scalping systems). A human with access to the feed should validate my robotic signals according to the circumstances of the moment, just before putting them on the market. However, I soon realized that everything could be even more social, and thought to myself, 'Why not publish my trading signals on the Twitter?' This led me to develop this Social Decision Support System.

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