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Medium/long term strategy

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Alessandro Finetti
Alessandro Finetti 2016.11.15 22:22 


Which strategy you guys are using for your medium/long term forex trading?

I feel a little safe with the trend following, but I feel like I'm missing something to "level up".

Any tips or suggestion about some particular topic I should study? Some precise entry strategy?

Thank for your time and answers, really appreciate it!


Good vibes and good trading!



Petter Dohlen
Petter Dohlen 2016.11.22 12:18  
Almost everyone is searching for the next trend, and even while in a trend, the price will most certainly revert to some estimate of mean. So my strategy is to exploit the native volatility. If the markets move to far before we revert , to mean, I take a loss. If not, which happens way more often, I take a profit.
Michael Maggi
Michael Maggi 2016.11.24 16:58  

I use Renko charts coupled with looking at the D1 chart on CFD and pairs that are trading in a daily range. I posted an example of this in this same form today and I do a lot of charts of my daily trading.  I find the CFDs SPX500 and the USDOLLAR the best right now for this strategy.

Renko bars focus on the actual price movement since time is not a factor at all in the trading.  But to keep a clear view of where the price is at relative to the range and the overall trend, I keep the D1 chart side by side.

Other than that I trade the D1 chart with the normal moving average strategy. My slight twist is I use the Laguerre moving average for the slow average with a .6 gamma and a fast Moving Average of 2.  I also have an indicator that gives a good fast trend indicator with and blue/red color change.

Both of these are on my profile page with a lot of detail.

Yerlan Imangeldinov
Yerlan Imangeldinov 2016.11.26 14:38  
Good question, I will answer but the answer is you do not like it. If a start from far away, the market is so flooded with strategies and they are so readily available that you should already know that the digging is not very promising. In my opinion and I'm trading for over 9 years. Is Needed the experience of a live account. Prepare yourself fundamental and you will succeed.
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