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True: No way to use the Wingding-Symbols by Comment?

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Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber 2016.11.13 21:08 


Is it true, that mt4-Comment() cannot show the Wingdings (while it show e.g. the greak letters like: α,β,ø,µ while others like δ ε appear as d e) on the chart in an easy way like:

string OK   = WingdingToString(252),
       NO   = WingdingToString(251),
       Bomb = WingdingToString(77),
       Dead = WingdingToString(78),
       Tel  = WingdingToString(40); //  ...;

Comment(OK," ",NO," ",Bomb," ",Dead," ",Tel);

Blahtech Limited
James Cater 2016.11.13 22:48  

No, you can't change the font for the Comment

Windings will work with OBJ_TEXT or OBJ_LABEL

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