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How to link a dynamic library coded in C++

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loumbut 2016.10.25 13:57 

Hi, I'm new to MQL and would like to know if this is the correct way to import my dll.

THe function coded in C++ is...

bool UnicodeToAscii(const wchar_t * szUnicode, char * szAscii)

And my import declaration in MQL4 is...

#import "Analytical.dll"
bool UnicodeToAscii(const string szUnicode, char szAscii);

My Metatrader 4, however, keeps saying...

2016.10.25 16:56:05.197 Dulcimer EURUSD,M1: unresolved import function call
2016.10.25 16:56:05.197 Cannot call 'Analytical.dll::UnicodeToAsciiAnalytical', 'Analytical.dll' is not loaded
2016.10.25 16:56:05.196 Dulcimer EURUSD,M1: 47.85421124950359
2016.10.25 16:56:05.024 Cannot load 'C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 4\MQL4\Libraries\Analytical.dll' [193]
2016.10.25 16:55:58.754 Expert Dulcimer EURUSD,M1: loaded successfully
2016.10.25 16:55:58.754 'C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 4\MQL4\Libraries\Analytical.dll' is not 32-bit version

Any ideas what could be the problem?

Ex Ovo Omnia
Ex Ovo Omnia 2016.10.25 18:35  

As far as I can see, the reason is printed out:

Analytical.dll' is not 32-bit version 

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