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Bug in Tester Calculates Profit Wrong?

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boettigerr 2016.10.18 02:44 

I'm running an EA and MT4 Tester is calculating profit wrong.

My account is in MXN pesos. I have a SL of 3,000 ticks and a TP of 10,000 ticks (USD/MXN), tick value is $1 MXN peso. In tester i'm using a spread of 2 (not real, just to vaidate profit results). See examples here and file attached.

#TimeTypeOrderSizePriceS / LT / PProfitBalance
12016.10.03 13:00sell11.0019.2184519.2484519.11845
22016.10.03 13:02s/l11.0019.2484519.2484519.11845-535.8549464.15
32016.10.03 13:02buy21.0019.2484919.2184919.34849
42016.10.03 15:40t/p21.0019.3484919.2184919.34849136.8349600.98


Line 1 and 2 shows a SL triggered with a difference of 3,000 points. For 1 Lot, the result should be -3000 -spread. 

Line 3 and 4 shows a TP triggered with a difference of 10,000 points. For 1 lot, the result shoud be 10,000 -spread.

Is it a bug or i'm doing something wrong? I don't want this to occur in real operations.

Please your help 

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