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Johnson831 2016.10.16 19:59 

Hi Community,

I would like to backtest a few eas automaticaly and export the results to a CSV everytime including a few furter fields like EA name, timeframe and so on. Further I would like to add a screenshot of the backtest result.

Is this somehow possible?



Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber 2016.10.16 20:29  
You can save the screenshots (one by one) and the values written into a csv-file only only in different files. Use date and time in the name of the screenshots to bring both together.
Johnson831 2016.10.17 20:18  

I can save the screenshots one by one? Do you have any hint how I can save them automatically after back testing?

Thanks a lot!

whroeder1 2016.10.18 01:02  
one by one as each run ends.
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