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13 years of stable earnings trend EA interpretationNew comment Publish

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EA automated test can find valid data from June 2004 to begin testing in September to 16 years, the average annual income is 1.5 times more stable funding.

I tested the 10,000 fixed investment funds, the number of annual fixed starting hand, have tested a total of 12 and a half years after the total profit 180 000,
The actual annual profit after earnings do not take it, plus the management of funds total revenue should be tested aftermore than 40 million.


Trading System Introduction:

1, spot gold trend midline plus short-term trend would like to combine transactions
2, every singlestrictstop loss, not anti-single. So there is no loss of funds curve overweight or carry a single EA EA smooth, but onlytostopin this market has been stable profit, which is the basis of the transaction.
3, shocks will certainly be! Unilateral market trend is bound to appear! As long as we survived the shocks, small losses can not be avoided, only to seize a large market, a large loss is small surplus, we can achieve overall profitability!
4. The combination of short-term neutral transaction, so there may be also holds a 2-one, one not more than two single,

5, write your own trading system EA,the EA sometimes consecutive losses, and even let me down, but some time down the EA always makes me earn money, that is tosay, as long as the correct operation of repeated action, you can always make money. Many people lose money in real life, because he can not continueto repeat the correct action. 13 years of reporting and curves can be seen in this appendix
6, I write is limited EA level, some things can not write if artificially inside EA EA operation, then the effect will be better than what you see. Follow-up will continue to optimize this EA.

Why do I share my EA:

Because the policy and not the kind a month on doubling strategy, want to get a good income must be big money can.

So while I can make this EA stable profit every year, but because of my limited funds, so mytotalannualprofit is limited. This is what I consider sharing this EA reasons.

But the market is always the law of the market, if a trading system with too many people, so that the trading system will slowly fail. So I will not be published out of my EA. Also on the market it is difficult to find reasons for the Holy Grail. The real method lies in the hands of a few, for this reason, I will not find too many partners. This is a self-protection practices. However, there are concerns can also contact me.

<Contact information Removed>

Do not specify the operating platform, do not charge commission, only into profits. I am hoping to find a friend sincere cooperation.

12 and a half years to test record and curves appendix below. 12 and a half years into the overall test records and curves, and test records are assigned each year and curves.

June 2004 to 16 years September 27 report

June 2004 to 16 years September 27 funds curve

June 2004 to 2005 Report

June 2004 to 2005 funding curve

2005 to 2006 Report

2005 to 2006 funding curve

2006 to 2007 Report

2006 to 2007 funding curve

2007 to 2008 Report

2007 to 2008 funding curve

2008 to 2009 Report

2008 to 2009 funding curve

09 to 10 years report

In 2009 to 10 years funding curve

10 to 11 years report

10 to 11-year funding profile

11 years to 12 years report

11 years to 12 years, funding curve

12 years to 13 years report

12 years to 13 years of funding curve

13 years to 14 years report

13 years to 14 annual funding curve


14 to 15 years report

14 to 15 annual funding curve

15 to 16 years report

15 to 16-year funding profile

16 years to 16 years September 27 report

16 years to 16 years 27 September equity curve

oof008: Why do I share my EA:
  1. You didn't share it. Attach your code.
  2. 50% return in 16 years is less than 3%/year - Doesn't even keep up with inflation.
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