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Failure of met4 platform to have MQL4 folder in windows 8.1 64 bit OS

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Graham Chapman
Graham Chapman 2016.09.20 04:00 

PLEASE help me. I have opened a demo trading account with a broker and I used their link to download the met4 platform. All seems to be OK except for the fact that when opening the data folder the MQL4 folder is not there. As a result, I cannot load indicators or EA 's. I am using windows 8.1 latest updates done about 1 hour ago 64 bit OS. Please email me with answers on URGENT PLEASE!!! 

For some reason, I can't attach a word document with the data folder details on it. How do I send a word document to this topic?

NSPART 2016.09.20 10:17  
Is it traders way? I'm having the same problem. Can get the folder to open so I can't add indicators. Seriously not impressed with MT4 so far. I used to trade stocks and all of the brokers had their own proprietary platforms that were rock solid. This is the second issue I have had with MT4. Before I downloaded the MT4 standalone with no broker to try a test account and it would not let me close out trades. So I uninstalled and deleted it. Now I'm trying it again because everyone seems to be using it and I have this issue.
NSPART 2016.09.20 10:39  
I deleted the TradersWay Version and installed MT4 from the MT4 site. Same problem. I'm running Windows 7
whroeder1 2016.09.20 13:27  
If you had used this you would have found this.
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