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History trades from real account in EA tester

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mkay1 2016.09.13 09:47 


i want to test some strategies of closing trades. I've already made some tests on historical data with opening and closing trades, but now i'd like to test what'll happend with my real trades if i use different closing strategies.

Basically: i'd like to somehow 'import' trades from my account history into EA tester, so i need something like OrderSelect(..., MODE_HISTORY), which works on real account history, not on tester history. After that i'll be able to open trades in EA at the same time and price and test my closing strategy.

Is that possible?  Or maybe there's another way to achive that?

Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2016.09.13 09:57  

I don't know of a simple way.

You could write trade details to a file with the open time, lot size. Then you could read the file in the strategy tester to place the trades.

You would also need to devise a way to close the trades in the tester. Possibly with buttons or labels.

Not too difficult to do, but it depends on how far advanced your coding skills are. I would think that a novice coder would find it impossible to do.

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