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Alarm just in the first histogram Bar - page 2

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whroeder1 2016.09.07 14:21  
  1. FMIC: @Torgen, the user WHRoeder is telling you that the code statements "if ( ExtBuffer2[0])" and "if (ExtBuffer1[0])" don't do anything at all. If you want to check for a change you must compare it with something in order for a boolean result to be returned to the "if()" function.
    Actually that is wrong. They do something, they test the color of the bar. ExtBuffer2[0] will be nonzero (true) if the minusD1 is above the plusD1.
  2. FMIC's suggestion to use EMPTY_VALUE is a good one, but off the OPs original question.
  3. Torgen: but it sound in every single bar (histogram) and I just want the alarm in the first red and green bar, 
    You need to test the current bar's direction and wether the previous bar is or is not the same.
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