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New article: Graphical Interfaces VIII – the Tree View Element (Chapter 2)

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New article Graphical Interfaces VIII: The Tree View Element (Chapter 2) has been published:

The previous chapter VIII on graphical interfaces has focused on the elements of static and drop-down calendar. The second chapter will be dedicated to an equally complex element — a tree view, that is included in every complete library used for creating graphical interfaces. A tree view implemented in this article contains multiple flexible settings and modes, thus allowing to adjust this element of control to your needs.

The components of the tree view item are listed below.

  1. Background
  2. Sign of local list of items. Arrows and plus/minus pictograms are used to display the status (expanded/collapsed).
  3. Item label. For example, it may be required to visually classify an item to a certain category. 
  4. Item description as a text.


Fig. 3. Components of a tree view item.

Author: Anatoli Kazharski

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