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New article: Graphical Interfaces VIII – the File Navigator Control (Chapter 3)

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.  

New article Graphical Interfaces VIII: the File Navigator Control (Chapter 3) has been published:

In the previous chapters of the eighth part of the series, our library has been reinforced by several classes for developing mouse pointers, calendars and tree views. The current article deals with the file navigator control that can also be used as part of an MQL application graphical interface.

File navigator is a kind of guide allowing you to see the elements of the file system hierarchically via a graphical interface of a program. Besides, it provides access to each element of the hierarchy allowing you to perform certain actions, like opening a file to view data, saving data to a file, moving a file, etc.

This article deals with the first version of the file navigator. It provides users with the following options:

  • navigating the terminal's file "sandbox" within a graphical interface of an MQL application;
  • finding necessary folders and files both in the terminals' common folder and the client terminal's local folder;
  • saving a path for the subsequent programmatic access to a folder or a file selected in the file navigator.

Author: Anatoli Kazharski

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