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New article: Graphical Interfaces V – The List View Element (Chapter 2)

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New article Graphical Interfaces V: The List View Element (Chapter 2) has been published:

In the previous chapter, we wrote classes for creating vertical and horizontal scrollbars. In this chapter, we will implement them. We will write a class for creating the list view element, a compound part of which will be a vertical scrollbar.

The element of the graphical interface list view gives the user a choice of several options. The total number of the list view items and the number of items in its visible part can differ when the total number is too big and does not fit the highlighted working part of the interface. In such cases a scrollbar is used. 

We will compose a list view of several primitive objects and an include element. They are:

  1. List view background.
  2. Array of the list view items.
  3. The vertical scrollbar control.

Fig. 1. Compound parts of the list view element.


Author: Anatoli Kazharski

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