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iMA on first indicator's data!?

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aminlv 2016.08.05 13:49 

Hi Guys,


i want to calculate MA cross over on MACD in mt4 its easy u just MA to "first indicator's data" and thats it!

however when i try to do this with MQL it says "ENUM_APPLIED_PRICE" Can't convert Enum coz by any means this will be 8th but on help file it has from 0~6 so wondering how to achieve this?

tried google not good result so wondering if there is anyway or not if not then how its available on MT4 platform!?


thanks in advance 

Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2016.08.05 15:44  
Fill a buffer with the MACD values, then use iMAOnArray to get the MA values
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