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Are global variables accessed atomically?

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Guillermo 2016.07.26 11:31 


My EA will have various instances running on different pairs. Once a day, I would like to check the existence of new files in some directory. If they exist, I would like to relaunch all the instances, but just once.

I was thinking to implement it using global variables, however, from the documentation, they seem not to grant atomic access. How could I achieve it?

Best regards.

rod178 2016.07.26 12:51  
Drazen Penic
Drazen Penic 2016.07.26 13:00  

Use GlobalVariableSetOnCondition()

Excerpt from the documentation:

Function provides atomic access to the global variable, so it can be used for providing of a mutex at interaction of several Expert Advisors working simultaneously within one client terminal. 

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