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masoud0455_a 2016.07.26 06:41 

I was wondering if I could use HTML content of technical-summary section of investing website in order to put it in my indicator.

I need content of this URL for buy and sell signals:<Link Removed>

please guide me which ways is better:

1- Using URL contents ? (Of course if it is possible)

2- Order an indicator like this in Freelance section.

rod178 2016.07.26 09:01  
#import  "Wininet.dll"
   int InternetOpenW(string, int, string, string, int);
   int InternetConnectW(int, string, int, string, string, int, int, int); 
   int HttpOpenRequestW(int, string, string, int, string, int, string, int); 
   int InternetOpenUrlW(int, string, string, int, int, int);
   int InternetReadFile(int, uchar & arr[], int, int & arr[]);
   int InternetCloseHandle(int);    

1  yes possible provided you are willing to code it and the website supports the scrapping. 

masoud0455_a 2016.07.26 09:42  


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