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The best Server configuration for MetaTrader5

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I'm new to MT5. I have a server with the following configuration:
Mainboard: X9DR7TF +
Processor: 2xE5-2643 3.3GHz
Memory: 32GB CC
Video Card: Nvidia NVS510
Disks: 2x120GB INTEL SSD

The problem: I run 10 MT5 terminals and they begin to work very slowly. Grapshics freezes. There is a feeling that the video card is not loaded. The processor is almost not loaded.

Can you please tell what should be the best configuration for the server if I run a few MT5 terminals.
Please help me.
Fernando Carreiro
Fernando Carreiro  
Please post in the MT/MQL v5 Forum. This one is for MT/MQL v4.
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