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lukasz 2016.06.23 17:24 

I have a good EA - IT IS GOOD - no errors at all - really... there are ANY errors. Positions are properly handled BUT i'm geting error 133....................

I will not try to ask mt4/5 support for answers it's useles... i only want to know is this another method to disable profitable EA's from making money ?????????????????????????????

Now you can ban my account !!!!

In case you would like to answer - please tell me what is the issue, certainly it's not my code.

Fernando Carreiro
Fernando Carreiro 2016.06.24 03:18  

Have you even taken the time to see what error 133 means? It does not seem that you have!!


A very common error during a few minutes of nightly swap/rollover periods, or during first few minutes of week beginning or last few minutes of week ending, or for example this week, where many brokers decided to "Disable Trading" on any pair that includes the "GBP" because of the "BREXIT" voting.

So, before "cursing" brokers and accusing them trying to "cheat" you out of profit, maybe you should consider that the EA is "not so good", because you don't know how to handle a common error or even what it is about!

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