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MetaTrader4 Build 970 won't load from outside directories

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Hi, since the last update, my import function call is unresolved.

 Here's the condiition:

I have multiple account in multiple brokers, so I need to open different MT4 instance.

The problem with this is that I have a script that works on keyboard shortcut. So instead of copying each script into each MT4 folder, my MT4 will call an .dll in my C:\TradingData\ that import function from multiple sources inside C:\TradingData\

But with this new build, MT4 won't search from the parent folder, and instead, it drills down from its App\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Teriminal\somerandombullshitasdjahakdjfhakledjhg\Libraries\C:\TradingData.

Such stupid build and makes me lost lot of money.

Anybody know how to fix this? Or maybe tell the MT4 IT guy to fix that. 

Fernando Carreiro
Fernando Carreiro  

There must be something wrong with your installation (or something went wrong with the update), because I too am using build 970/971 in "portable" mode (that is, using the command line switch "/portable" from installations in other folder structures) and it is working just fine.

I have multiple Brokers and Account instances of MetaTrader 4 (and MetaTrader 5) and I have a base directory with the following structure: "C:\Trading\MetaTrader\_Broker_\_Account_Number_\".

However, there is no need to use a ".dll" to copy/move your various instances. You should be using the "/portable" command-line switch and using Windows "NTFS Juntion Points"/"Symbolic or Hard Links" to have shared components between the various installations.

For example, inside that folder structure, I have for each instance of MetaTrader 4, I have the "MQL4" sub-folder as a "symbol link" to a shared folder that is on a "OneDrive" folder (syncing over the cloud so that all my PC's have it), so that all instances/installations redirect to "C:\OneDrive\Applications\MQL4\". I also have a few other common/shared folders with "symbolic links" for other shared folders, like my "templates" and "tester\history" folder (for some of my instances, to hold my very large Tick Data FXT files stored on another drive).

My Windows Start Menu also has a similar structure of "%startmenufolder%\Trading\_Broker_\_Account_Number_" so that I can quickly navigate and open the instance I want or have multiple instances open at the same time.

Please have some respect and don't call the build "stupid" or claim "that you lost lot of money". Yes, it can have some bugs, but then again you are not using a "supported" and "documented" method to handle MT4 instances. The correct, supported and documented way, is to use the "portable" method (using the command line switch "/portable").

Also, if that setup is so "critical" to you, then you should have been using the "/skipupdate" command-line switch, to prevent the automatic updates in the first place; until you had tested it on a separate installation to make sure it would not have affected your current situation (such as trading EAs). And if indeed "critical", then you should also have been keeping backups, because that is what responsible and organised traders do!

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen  
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