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How do I find the Zig Zag Indicator on MT4?

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HastyPrince 2016.05.23 14:27 
Looking down the Indicators column I cannot see Zig Zag despite being assured by somebody that it is there. As I am not stupid and do know that 'z' is at the end of the alphabet, and therefore should be at the bottom of the column - it is not there. Where is it?
Fernando Carreiro
Fernando Carreiro 2016.05.23 15:31  

Well, then you must have deleted it, because it is definitely part of the standard installation.Try re-installing MetaTrader.

The original source is also available here:

whroeder1 2016.05.23 15:42  
Insert -> indicator -> custom or use the Navigator (control-n) -> indicators.
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