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Enable and disable the Pop-up

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Massimo 2016.05.23 10:09 
Hello everyone. I have a problem with the code, and I need your help.

I wrote this code:

         Buffer1[i] = Low[i]- 1 * myPoint; 
        if(i == 0 && Time[0] != time_alert) { myAlert("indicator", "Buy"); time_alert = Time[0]; } 

The part that I have highlighted, brings up the Popup. I wish I could turn on and off from outside the appearance of the pop-up.
Thank you all, Massimo.

Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2016.05.23 10:50  

Put an input

input bool PopUp=false;

and in your code

    if(PopUp && i == 0 && Time[0] != time_alert) 


Massimo 2016.05.23 19:42  
Hello GumRai, thanks for your reply !!!
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