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Possible to adjust 'Defaults' fib setting?

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shyftus 2016.05.17 05:34 

Hi everyone,

Someone recently showed me how to put in the price descriptor '%$' on fib tool which is awesome and I also like to use 78.6. On other hand, I often delete lots of fib levels on individual charts so they are more pleasing visually / less noisy:

Problem is, when I go to use the fib tool again, I have to use the 'Defaults' button to get the deleted levels back (or re-enter manually)...

Is there anyway to adjust the default settings? So when clicking the 'Defaults' button, MT4 will reset to a fib with price descriptors and 78.6? Text file I can edit somewhere?

Wasn't so much of an issue when I just had to add 78.6 in again, but redoing price descriptor every time will be a drag.


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