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Order Cancels Order

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staff need help with the script that I leave here to download Hello.
This script is the type OCO (Order cancels other)
I am very grateful if anyone can help me with what I need.

The script has just about everything you need to operate news, but the changes you need are the following.

In BuyOrderPrice and SellOrderPrice should be placed the price of the pair in question at the place where you want to place a pending order to buy or sell, that's the first thing I would like it to be changed, instead of putting the desired price I would place a value on "points" where to be placed this pending order it should be with the distance from the current price according to the amount of points I put in the field.

Example: If the EUR / USD the price is 1.13000 I put in BuyOrderPrice field the value 100, the order should appear 100 points (10 pips) above the price at 1.13100

The second thing that needs to change, and I do not know if you can do!
Add one more field above the Expiration field, and as the expiration field has the function to close the order at a date and specified time, I need the new field I can put a date and time when my pending order will be placed .

I see the 15:00 (metatrader time) there will be a high volatility news, but now I can not follow the order and can not even put it earlier to avoid it to be triggered early, so I put in this field date and time you wish to place my pending order and insert the script in the chart, so no need to be waiting for the news time.

Example Example: the time I put the script on the chart the price in EUR / USD is at 1.12851, however I set the script to place my order only 15:00 pm on 04/26/2016 then at that time the price has risen, and now he is 1.13102 so my order must be placed with the distance "points" that I specified, if I put 100 points it should be 1.13002 to 1.13202 to sell stop and buy stop

The third thing to change, it is also the addition of another field, this time I need a trailing stop, where I also put the value at "points" to prevent even though my TP is not triggered I can still finish the order with a profit if the price approaches this TP and reverse.
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Keith Watford
Keith Watford  
Click on Freelance at the top of the page and you may find someone willing to modify your code for a small fee
Doerk Hilger
Doerk Hilger  

.... or send me a private message and youll get what you are looking for ready to trade:

OCO type 1 - cancels opposite pending orders when filled

OCO type 2 - cancels opposite positions when filled 

OCO type 3 - compensates opposite position with the lotsize of the order (netting principe)

and all types can be combined and all orders can be trailed. 

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