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Calling all Harmonic Traders! What would you want in an ideal Harmonic Indicator?

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Hey Guys,

I've been using an indicator called ZUP for harmonics, but I just hate how convoluted it makes the charts. There are so many extra text bits and lines that I find completely useless. I would go in and edit the code, but its 8000 lines and looks hideous. So I figured I'd just build my own harmonic indicator based on high and lows given in the zig zag (don't worry too much about the technicals).

The thing I want to ask y'all is if you are a harmonic trader, what would you want in an idea Harmonic indicator. I'm trying to compile a list of features and functionalities. so far i have:

1. Identify all harmonic patterns and list text identifying them (Bullish Crab, bearish whatever, etc)
2. When a pattern is forming, change with it, once it's locked in, change colors and remain stationary

anything else? maybe the exact ratios?

Also what's the biggest deviation you would accept from the fib ratios to still count it a harmonic pattern? This is just for the math I'll be using in the indicator.


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