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Limit drawing of open positions SL & TP to timeframe of chart

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TheLobos 2016.04.14 11:18 

I'm having an EA which I'm running on a chart/symbol on 2 different timeframes (say EURUSD H4 and H1). So I'm having 2 chart windows (same symbol, different timeframes) open, each of which is assigned a running instance of the EA.

When the EA opens a position in 1 chart (say EURUSD H4) the position (Entry, SL and TP) is also drawn on the other chart (say EURUSD  H1). 

Is there any way to avoid this so that positions are only drawn in the window in which they were opened by the EA (regardless of how many other windows with the same symbol but different timeframes are open)?

Ideally, is there a way to limit a chart to entries associated with a given magic number?


Thanks for any tips. 

Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2016.04.14 11:31  
In MT4 Tools-Options-Charts de-select "Show trade levels" and code the EA to draw the lines, if required.
TheLobos 2016.04.14 11:33  
Excellent, thank you!
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