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Keep Marcos
Keep Marcos  
I am studying shipping order from a signal from an external indicator.
I'm much doubt about an indicator I downloaded on the internet.
I would love to send an order to the indicator bar came to -8

read article Creation of custom indicator but could not develop this indicator I downloaded.


Thank you very much.
*Sorry for English. 

Fernando Carreiro
Fernando Carreiro  


Before you start tackling programming tasks with 3rd party indicators (which you don't even understand how they work yet), first try making a very simple EA for the standard indicators using MQL4.

How to you expect to understand difficult concepts and coding techniques, when you have not yet learned to do the most basic things first. This would be equivalent to you trying to learn to write poetry when you have not even learned the alphabet yet.

Please understand, that it is difficult for users here to try teach you things when you still have not developed the basics of coding in MQL4 first.

Have a look at the example code supplied my MetaQuotes in the Experts folder as well as taking a look at examples on the Code Base. Also have a look at the documentation and tutorials here too (see the links at the top - Documentation, Book, TA, Code Base, etc.). First learn the basics of how Indicators are coded, then how EAs are coded, and slowly build up your coding knowledge and experience.

At each stage of your development, if you run into problems, then come here for help. Start small and then slowly build up.

Think of Trading and Coding in MQL as a profession. When one wants to become a doctor, you have to study for it over many years, and then you have to practice under the guidance of others with more experience and knowledge. You can't expect someone to teach you how to do open-heart surgery at the very beginning. You first have to learn how to do all those very basic and boring things first, before you can progress to a higher level of ability. The same applies here.

PS! The indicator you downloaded, is "stolen code". I saw the thread you posted before related to it, which the moderator deleted because you are not allowed to post "stollen/decompiled" code here. So don't use that indicator. In order for you to learn and to be able to properly "read" the code, always use indicators (or EAs) that are distributed freely with source code and preferably also well documented.

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