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Who closed my post ? I wait explanation . Does Metatrader cheat us ?

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Hakan Sari
Hakan Sari 2016.04.08 14:56 


I opened post yesterday. I look that my post was deleted. Why did you delete my post ? 

There was a stupid person who answered me, but I could not find time for answer. my post was deleted. The Stupid boy, I dont speak english very well. it is not important for me, I am not native english but I can recognize honesty and fraud. 

I spend my 5 years for metatrader. I have a right to know the truth. I will not give up this job. why do you deceive millions of people ?

sokramm 2016.04.08 16:42  

You are not the only one using Metatrader, if there was a problem with Metatrader, more people would say something. There is a problem with your code and you have to find the issue. You created your code, not Metatrader.

A picture does not prove anything. It is your word against every one else, and I can tell you that there are a lot of people here than think that you are wrong and you just need to fix your code.

If you want people's help, start by showing what you are doing and what the code looks like. Again a picture does not show your trading logic or coding errors. Programming is not easy.


Fernando Carreiro
Fernando Carreiro 2016.04.08 19:12  

If you continue to be rude and arrogant, you will probably end up being banned by a moderator sooner or later. So, show some maturity, respect and humbleness!

Start by presenting your problem properly with detailed explanation and some code so that people can help you out in finding the problem.

Otherwise, you are the one who will end up on the loosing end due to issues caused by yourself.

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2016.04.08 19:33  

I removed your topic and the current one will be removed too if it leads to inappropriate content.

If you want to complain, you have to write to Metaquotes, not here.

If you want help, open a topic explaining your problem and how to reproduce it, without stating that someone is cheating you. 

Doerk Hilger
Doerk Hilger 2016.04.09 07:18  

I created a wholistic trading system for MetaTrader 4 where I am doing my own statistical calculation - every tick - for

- Profit factor

- Gain

- Absolute Drawdown

- Maximum Drawdown 

- Relative Drawdown (based on floating equity)

At the pictures you can see, that my calculated results are the same as the result which the report of MetaTrader shows, except the relative drawdown. So what you are claiming is simply wrong and your calculation is surely wrong. I never saw such deviations as you describe and theses statistics are used on several live accounts by several traders since many months. 

The difference in the relative drawdown is caused by the fact, that my algorithms calculate this value with the floating equity by ignoring the balance - every tick. RDD is the maximal percental difference between an equity peak and a (following) equity low in relation to the last peak.

What the report shows as absolute drawdown is actually just the difference between the initial deposit and the lowest equity below this deposit. This value is not helpful. Therefore my stats shows the absolute drawdowns for several segments and they are the same as the maximal drawdowns as shown at the report .

In short: Absolutely everything is fine.




Fernando Carreiro
Fernando Carreiro 2016.04.09 08:06  

@Doerk: I too, collect my own statistics on my EA's on my live accounts which I then compare at the end of the week or month against back-tests for the same periods and the results are accurate. There are obviously always slight deviations due to the real live spreads and slippage in comparison to the fixed spread and no slippage in the Strategy Tester but the deviation is only slight.

And yes, the Relative Draw-down, as calculated by the Strategy Tester is based on the Balance (and not on the floating equity) and it is in fact documented by MetaQuotes:

Tester Statistics -> ENUM_STATISTICS -> STAT_BALANCE_DDREL_PERCENT -> "Maximum balance drawdown as a percentage. In the process of trading, a balance may have numerous drawdowns, for each of which the relative drawdown value in percents is calculated. The greatest value is returned."

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