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New to MQ4

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Dtrom26 2016.03.23 06:46 

Hi there


I'm new to MQ4 and am looking for advice on I can create a EA with no knowledge of programming at all. Are there any applications that can create a EA with a simple GUI? What would you all suggest?



Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber 2016.03.23 10:23  

0.) mq4 is similar to C - you should know a bit coding in C.

1.) I learned mq4 it by starting with another working EA and amend it according to my ideas.

2.) use the help of the editor (F1 if the cursor is above a function!) before asking here.

3.) before starting to code search in the CodeBase or use google - there are tons of code for practically anything!

Sya 2016.03.23 11:05  

Hello Dtrom,

you write, you don't have knowledge of programming at all. This isn't something, that admitted would facilitate the start. But if you plan to seriously deal with trades a longer time, this investment would pay.

When I started with MT4 I at first had the impression this to be a poor language, but I was extremely wrong. The more I learned, the more impressed I got. My advantage was, that I had extensive experience with some other programming languages and I can be very persistent and not easily discouraged.

Basically the way, Gooly describes, is the most recommendable. But maybe it would help you to start with an easier language, in order to get an idea, how a computer is "thinking" and what he needs to know what is expected from him. There I can't give you good advise, what an easy one for a beginner is (Assembler wouldn't  ;-)  ), maybe someone else, who was autodidact in this field, can help. Or you search the net and read about the experiences of others.  I'ld dare to say, some Basic could be a nice start. You'll need some success in the beginning to stay encouraged.

Another possibility, that fits to Gooly's recommendations, would be to fetch an existing script and to trace it. So you'll see, what the individual commands do, while you can check the content of the changed variables. Keep the MQL4 Reference open all the time, so you can immediately look up more details about a certain function.

And stay encouraged - to know how to do programming pays off anyway! And don't hesitate to put questions here, if you can't find an answer. There for sure will be a lot of other beginners who'll benefit from the responses too.

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