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iMA sometimes Return "0". Someone coul'd help me?

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Alessandro 2016.03.08 00:42 
Hello to all,
I have a problem with iMA function for calculating the moving average. The function almost always returns the correct value but in some cases of some currencies returns to ZERO.
I am making a simple calculation of the moving average of 200 periods
eg. SMA200 = iMA (Symbol iTFMinute, 200, MovingShift, MODE_SMA, PRICE_CLOSE, 0);
I also checked GetLastError () but returns "0".
In many cases, however, when it does not work MODE_SMA almost always works MODE_EMA, but i need SMA value :(
I do not understand why. You can help me?
Thank you so much ... I'm really going crazy
whroeder1 2016.03.08 01:52  
You don't have 200 bars in that TF.
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