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EA won't send simultaneous orders in one tick (backtest)

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Guillermo 2016.02.23 11:01 

Hi, I'm making an EA which can work with a set of given configurations independently. As of now, I have been testing with two differents configurations, A and B.

With configuration A alone, for a given time period, a total of 113 operations are made.
With configuration B alone, for the same time period, a total of 130 operations are made.
When working with both A and B at the same time (they are independent) a total of 240 operations are made, instead of the expected 243 (113 + 130).

There are three missing operations. Looking at the results, I have noticed that at a given exact same time, separately, A and B send the same order. But when working with both at the same time, only one order is sent.

I found this post , but its from 2010. I'm both changing the magic number and calling RefreshRates() in each configuration, but its still sending only one order.

What am I doing wrong? I would like to avoid changing order lot size.

Thank you. 

Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2016.02.23 11:05  
Have you written in the code to print an error report if an OrderSend fails?
Guillermo 2016.02.23 11:20  

I wasn't doing it, but because of your comment I was able to find the error...

The thing is that I was working with a reused wrapper function of OrderSend instead of sending it directly, and that function was checking if a trade had already been opened at that time... Can you believe yesterday I spent the whole day trying to solve that issue? And it comes down to the easiest thing, which I think would have taken me much more time, since I wasn't expecting the wrapper to be checking for that...

Thank you GumRai! Have a nice day.

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