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When I enter 3 orders for EURUSD, when I change 1 stop, all the other stops change

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Hi guys,

I've been trading futures for years and now looking at forex.

I'm using freshest download of MT4 on Windows 7.

I lost some money with stops recently, at first I thought it was me entering wrong orders but now I know it is system.


I like to place several trades at same time, with different stops and targets.

Today, I placed a market order to sell EURUSD. I set my stop approx 50 pips. The green entry and red stop dotted lines appeared. So far so good.

Then I immediately place another trade , sell at market with a stop at approx 90 pips.  Next thing I notice, is that both stops on both orders changed to be same value.

(I forget if they both changed to first stop or 2nd stop).

I did another test with another order, the same thing happened. All 3 stops were now the same?

 When I try and update one stop, all other stop values for this market are changed.

I had this issue the other day but I used stop orders, and I lost more money than I should have because the stops went too wide.


I have tried to google but found no answer to this, I need to resolve because otherwise I cannot continue with this software.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thankyou very much.


Keith Watford
Keith Watford  

I have never had this happen to me.

Do you have an EA running on one of your charts?

Are you placing the orders or modifying the stops with an EA or a script? 


USA brokers must follow the FIFO rule: The oldest order must close first. So if the second order's SL is moved closer than the first, the first must be moved up so they close at the same time.

I see this all the time on FXCM demo. No EA/scripts required.

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