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Technical Analysis for EUR/USD Trade Idea

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juhyun kim
juhyun kim 2016.01.29 02:51 
Here's the first article: <Link removed>

The pair has broken minor trend line resistance 1.0880 and jumped till 1.09062.
It is good to buy at dips around 1.08950.

I'd be curious to learn from any of you - what do you think of this trading idea for EUR/USD?
Edi Dimitrovski
Edi Dimitrovski 2016.01.29 03:22  
Take in consideration all current global traders trends. Don't take scalpers in count because they close trades before even move starts. Bigger moves Traders (the carriers of the Volume) are separated into groups using:  
  1. Channels on all time frames.
  2. Moving Average Trend Followers.
  3. News Traders.
I wonder on what basis was that prediction made? Facts: Yesterday at 20:00 i.e. 5 hours before your post, price touched up levels on Daily and on 4 Hours also. Might happen something surprisingly but on what basis?
Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2016.01.29 04:13  

From the article

  It is trading around 1.09017.

and then follows

 Break above 1.0880 will take the pair to next level around  1.09490/1.09800 in short term. 

Hello! It has already broken above 1.0880!

Absolute nonsense

As the chart is H1 and nearly a full day out of date at the time of the OPs post I have removed the link as it requires subscription to get current analysis

Edi Dimitrovski
Edi Dimitrovski 2016.01.29 04:33  
And just 30+ minutes after my post, EUR/USD went 50 points down and again back, but GBP/JPY was recorder 400 points within 3 minutes. That always happens near the critical lines, without stop on opposite trades, with higher risk scalper's trade might burn everything in less than 4 minutes.
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