Any Method for Automating Manual Trades without Strategy

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Edi Dimitrovski
Edi Dimitrovski  

I am sorry if it sounds strange, but the place is exactly for this forum (other platforms on another place). 

This is the story: I've downloaded vTerminal, since I had problems (probably only me) working with real trades with, I made very similar one on my own. After trading of around 2.3K manual trades, the method I will not hide it, most is based on 'intuition' (if something like that exists), channel movements (but visual without indicator), and logic of movements from bigger time-frames / charts, ticks chart always opened and based on that. So while trading '0' indicators I had in-front (if charts and bars are not included in). I consider it most successful strategy and trades since everybody trusts on own decissions most, and

Problem: How to make it automated BASED ON OLDER TRADES and not on strategy imaginations or ideas. 

I've made many versions of experts in past, some were making huge profits, some less, but exactly what I want are my trades. When some-one tell you strategy (this indicator, level,..etc.) it is easy, you just put the code.

Now for this variant of mine what I did: I extracted all my trades in simple text file and they look like this

EURUSD BUY 2015-02-24 19:50 2015-02-24 19:50 1.13450 1.13477 1.13550 1.13346 2.7

then extracted them and placed in arrays


the rest I do not need. Next I reproduced the trades in the strategy tester and wrote the rest of data in arrays and in text file from the all indicators and their values, included: bars percentages up/down from [1,5,15,60] time frames / charts, and all built-in MT4 indicators, without the custom ones.

Precision Problem: From the (relatively a lot of data) gathered values, repeating's are not same, ranges in numbers are relatively 'huge', also confirmed with placing that same ranges from the indicators in test, and results were not even close to originals - exactly terrible, if excluded = worse. 

Real Question: Does someone have some idea, or already made solution, how to wider the results in more precise manner, or idea of other indicators to include, or if there is already made tool for the same purpose with more precision? 

Note: I would not like to post the text file with my trades openly (I might do for small quantity random trades, but not the all). 

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