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How to use OrdersHistoryTotal

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Peter Williams
Peter Williams 2016.01.21 11:37 

I have seen several references to OrdersTotalHistory but haven't found what is kept in History and - if it can be changed - then how.

I currently see that I have OrdersTotalHistory() having a value of 41 but no idea what period this refers to.

Equally not sure if there could be no items in History for 1 currency if the lastest transaction was say - using the above value - 42+ transactions away.

The reason I am looking at this is I don't want to open a new position inside the same timeframe as the previous position.

Thanks for any help.

Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2016.01.21 11:52  

There is no such function as OrdersTotalHistory , it is OrdersHistoryTotal

The amount of orders stored depends on what you have set the Account History tab in the terminal to display

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