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Dax USD Value Per PIP Calculation Method

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Shahzaib Idrees
Shahzaib Idrees 2016.01.15 19:04 


anyone have idea about DAX future curruncy pair calculation method in forex.

like example if i opened a buy order on one standard lot.... the value for 1pip=10$ on my broker.

there should be the 90$ profit on the 9 pip TP but its 100$. & my broker also charge commision 6$ on one standard lot...

Anyone can help me to understand this.....iIt would be great to be able to understand this


Ex Ovo Omnia
Ex Ovo Omnia 2016.01.15 20:05  
Not very sure what you talk about, is it really the DAX future?. It is 25€ a point, and 1 tick stands for half of a point, so the tick costs 12.5€. Technically, it trades rather contracts than standard lots. And what do you call a pip exactly?
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