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sell or buy placed by Expert in demo?

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azznwind 2016.01.06 01:11 

I have a demo account with MT4. Recently I noticed that some of my buy and sell orders were placed by "expert", followed by an expert id. I have never authorized anyone to do that for, neither did I enable the EA authorization. Because of this erratic "expert", I have been losing money. Have been trying to find the answer online but no luck. Hope someone can solve this mystery for me. Thanks.

whroeder1 2016.01.06 12:47  

Expert can only trade if it is placed on a chart logged into your account.

  1. You did it; go to the data folder\MQL4\experts and delete any ex4's you don't recognize and restart the terminal. Data Structure in MetaTrader 4 Build 600 and Higher - MQL4 Articles 17.02.2014
  2. It's a demo account, create a new one.
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