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Freeze EA trading during economic news

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cryptex23 2016.01.01 17:35 

Hello All,

My EA is burning out at times of high volatility. I am trying to avoid trading during a major news. Any pointers or suggestions or articles towards one? Right now I am thinking of storing news event timings in an array. Then compare with the server time. Anything to keep in mind? Efficient functions or methods?


Cheers and happy holidays!!! 

Gatoreye 2016.01.01 20:58  
In my experience, that is the best time to make a good profit. Avoiding this time period is like giving up the best opportunity in trading. It takes a lot of effort to figure out how to handle the major news. My advice is your EA should be flexible enough to handle 3 things; spikes(major news), trends, and ranges. At least this is my goal -- still fine tuning.
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