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Bob 2015.12.05 15:42 

MT4 EA Strategy Testing net profit using Control Points is too good to be true.  Is there a "rule of thumb" ratio between

Control Points results and Ticks results?  Perhaps like $1000 in Control Points is roughly equivalent to $100 in Ticks?

Doerk Hilger
Doerk Hilger 2015.12.08 22:59  

It depends on what you trying to test. If you´re scalping within the control points, then you´re results will be simply totally wrong. Control points are mainly the low, the high, the close and the open. The "Every tick" is also not very precise and the so called "modeling quality" depends just on how many data below the chosen timeframe is available, but the ticks are still not real and just interpolated (guessed!) by volume information and HLOC of the lower timeframes.

You will get the most precise results if you only deal with open and close price and if you use no trailing stops. Clear.

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