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New CCI Indi

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jpyp99 2015.11.24 21:10 

I wonder if somebody could help.I've look everywhere in case it was already out there but couldn't find anything.  I am trying to change the CCI indicator to be able to display another pair an indicator window but I am having problems. For example I have a EURUSD chart opened and I attach the CCI indicator to it. The indicator window is displayed as usual. Then I would like to attach another CCI indi to the same chart but it would show the GBPUSD CCI in another indicator window. It would even be better if the two CCI lines were in the same indicator window but separate window is good too.

Anybody has a CCI indi that could do that?


qjol 2015.11.26 13:08  
if you cant find it then you need to code it yourself use iCustom()
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