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EA not picking trades

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Opengates 2015.11.16 01:59 

Hello Everybody,

Please I need your help. I made this ea to pick trades on news release but when the time set is reached it doesn't pick trades.

Take a look at the code below maybe there is something I am doing wrong: Thanks in advance

extern string        newsdate         = "2015.06.10"; // Date for the News to be released
extern string        newstime         = "14:00";   // Time for the News to be released

datetime Cur_time=TimeCurrent();
string   timedate=StringConcatenate(newsdate," ",newstime);
datetime Starttime=StrToTime(timedate); 

 if(Cur_time>=Starttime && clear_to_send) { 
    clear_to_send=false;   }    
Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2015.11.16 02:38  

Check if an OrderSend fails and print the error

Where is clear_to_send set to true? 

Why are you calculating Stoploss and Take profits on Bid and Ask? They should be calculated from the entry price. 

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