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Audio alert with MT4

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ALEZAN 2015.10.27 15:56 
I used (there these years +) the Play-sound function in MT4 progs without problems
Today I want to utilize this function again but there is no sound emitted even though the file is found:

10/26/2015 checked this in the program with the following code:

       Play_Son =PlaySound("bidonalert.wav");               //  wwww cj   PlaySound ici pour test, à virer ensuite
       if (Play_Son == true) { clabel9("obj_play_son", 10,260," fichier bidonalert.wav trouvé", Lime, 14); 
       else { clabel9("obj_play_son", 10,260," fichier bidonalert.wav non trouvé", Red, 14);


The "bidon.wav" file is found (display green message and if I remove the folder I have the red message)
it is executable (double click on the file in explorer W causes good sound)
my last proper use (2013) and now (2015) there was the shift of mt4 I installed the As (with adaptation of progs to take account of new constraints maj mt4)

Is there a setting somewhere that "déactiverai" its production? or else I will zape?
Thank you.
And good trades

peter.MT4Web 2015.10.27 17:21  

"bidonalert.wav" or "bidon.wav" ?

check it with "tick.wav"

ALEZAN 2015.10.28 09:41  
Sorry for the mistake in my text.
This is the file "bidonalert" is called and which exists.
I tried with "tick.wav" same problem, the file is found but no sound is emitted!

(double click on the file "tick.wab" in Windows Explorer causes much for the sound)
I do not understand

Thank you eddie.
Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2015.10.28 10:11  

Do you have a pop_up alert at the same time?

If so, you don't hear the sound, just the pop_up's sound file 

ALEZAN 2015.10.28 13:27  
no, no alert popup, no sound is heard
ALEZAN 2015.10.29 18:08  
After hours of testing the function PlaySound ("tick.wav") works well in mt4

BUT only with the tick.wav file !!!!!!!

while with others such as: alert.wav ok.wav wait.wav ...., which are in the same folder, they are found but no sound !!
(I checked the files by Doubleclick on windows explorer, there are many sound)

So it would be a property of the .wav file that makes it run or not?

To test I imported other sound files, but none of the issues by the PlaySound function in mt4
I looked at the properties of tick.wav file and I do not see what's different from other .wav
I also copied it fihier under another name (wtick.wav) and ca also works with this new ficchier.
So these are the characteristics of the initial tick.wav file (or its content?) That makes the executable.
I do not see !!

Good day to everyone
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