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Is it possible to set "real" default colors for graphical objects?

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Have you published a program in the Market? Place it in your blog as well - the widget will help!
mar 2015.10.21 08:24 


when I draw an object, let's say a trendline, and I change the color and maybe the style. When I draw another trendline it has the same color and style as the trendline I modified before. Same with rectangles and other objects. Is it somehow possible to set a default color and style for an object or does MT4 always use the parameters of the last modified object for new objects? 

Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2015.10.21 08:43  

It's always been like that as far as I know.

If you use different coloured trendlines and don't want to keep changing colours you can double click a line of the required colour, press Ctrl and drag it. A new line is moved with the mouse and the old line stays where it is. 

mar 2015.10.21 11:05  

Yes, unfortunately.. I think I have to live with it. But it's pretty annoying when I change a line to a different color and a different style just to emphasize one thing in a chart. And when I draw another line it is drawn in this color and style. Other chart tools offer a default color and style no matter what the last modifiction was. 

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