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MACD Sample EURUSD,H1: OrderSend error 131

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christer 2015.10.08 06:28 
Hello! I have a problem with Metatrader 4, I don't know what to do about, I was wondering if someone could help me? the problem is that I get this order send error every time I try to backtest, even on Metatraders own sample experts, I assume there is no errors on those experts so I hope we at least can rule out that possibility, it is the same if I use the moving average expert too and all others, what can be the reason of this? I would like to run experts but because of this problem I can't. I read somewhere that it could help to change lot size in the expert settings, but it doesn't matter if it is micro lots or full lots, I still get the same error. my broker is Key to markets, they have micro lots and are five digits, the history I have deleted and downloaded many times from Metaquotes, that doesn't seem to help either. I am running Mt4 version 4.00 build 890, Windows 10, 64 bits, cpu 2.8 i7 core, 12 gb ddr3. I really have no clue about coding or what to do, I'm just a simple trader, or trying to be.  thank you for any help.
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