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Route206 2015.09.25 12:49 

Someone asked me an interesting question: Is it possible to Hide Outside Trading hours?

So if you show DAX, that only bars during Frankfurt trading hours are shown and rest of data is discarded - that is: price is moving, but no bars are formed.

I am looking for omitting data (ie bars), not merely drawing a box around the various sessions for FRA HKG NYC sessions.

the TWS by Interactive Brokers can do that (Hide OTH Y/N toggle switch) but can MT4? 

Route206 2015.09.30 09:38  
just bumping this up, hoping for some insights by the Pro's here ;-)
whroeder1 2015.09.30 15:20  
Offline charts.
Route206 2015.09.30 16:37  

Thank you sir! ie. The same way you build tick charts.. of course! Why didn't i think of that :-(

but that means that whenever you start MT4 and/or the offline charts, it starts with an empty window, correct? 

anyway, i've never done this before so need to start from scratch, any pointers to good resources are appreciated.

thanks again! 

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