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Requoting error responding

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neverman 2015.09.20 18:30 

Hello guys,

I have trouble with requoting error. Sometimes happens, not under our controls.

But my problem is how to handle the error?

Usually after OrderSend, every Expert Advisor stops until the server responds. But what happens when the server responds with Requote error? Does the script is stopped yet (because OrderSend() is sent and active) or the Expert Advisor continue working ?

With Requoting, the Broker expect to accept a new price, how exactly happen this? With a new OrderSend() with the new Refreshed quotes ?

Any help will be appreciated.

whroeder1 2015.09.20 21:26  

What happens is the OrderSend returns with an error. You check _LastError and you handle with a RefreshRates and a OrderSend retry.
I personally, just log all errors and return. On the next tick, I have new values and will try again.

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