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Suspicious licensed EA expert advisors

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luca 2015.09.19 11:05 
Hi, i was sold some EAs from some people on skype that a friend presented to me, they told me i have bought a life time licensed EA but i have my doubts about them and i would like to know if it was possible to check that a license is really there, they say the license is connected to my name so that if i try to use it on a broker account with a different name it will be blocked, now i tried with 2 EAs that a friend that bought them gave me in demo accounts created on a different broker with a different name and they were working fine, then i tried with his ea on one demo opened in my usual broker with my name and everything went smooth so i really am curious now, can somebody help me?

PS: my doubts are even fueled by the fact that they do not do any modification on their EA, every time is asked they turn down the requests with some excuse, another suspicious thing they asked a fee for updating all the EAs saying it comes from the metaquotes directly and it is like one in 10 years happening, they asked us too to buy a DLL that updates the EAs automatically and is antivirus too and should block the EA from trading in case of big events on the calendar but i checked and i think none of this things happened, even when the update should have been done nothing happened not even a femtosecond of a stop or a message about updating from metaquotes, is not it suspicious for you?
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