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i have a question about an algotimic

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MQL5 language supports OpenCL. Try it!
metaboot 2015.09.13 21:07 

Hi Guys.

I have a question, i need an algorithmic it could linking 2 accounts, in order to when in one account the trader who is the owner, he buy or sell, and in the another account buy or sell too, i want to the another account will do the same operations like the first account, and it will close the operation just at the same time like the first account do it.

I need know all about this, for example, how much is it to development, or if isn´t very difficult maybe i could do it, because, i know a little of programing., i need know if is posible copy operations, with a different money in each accounts, because the first account has more money as the second acount there´s a big difference to. 


whroeder1 2015.09.14 12:48  
Two accounts, two separate terminal installations. Each get the same signal.
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