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How Do You Enable Objects In Strategy Tester?

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Nesimeye Oswald
Nesimeye Oswald 2015.09.06 12:12 
Good day, Please i want to know how objects (Buttons,labels,lines etc.) can be enable or made to work in strategy tester visual testing. There is a product in the market which uses the functionality and i want to know how its done. Tried asking the developer but he said its a secret. Here is the product link . Please if anyone knows how this is achieved, i would greatly appreciate your contribution. God bless you in advance.
Keith Watford
Keith Watford 2015.09.06 12:51  

On a live chart, status of objects may be checked in OnChartEvent() for an instant response without waiting for the next tick.

In strategy tester OnChartEvent() doesn't work, so it has to be checked in OnTick() 

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