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Manual Trader

Do you use Grid strategy?

Now, you do not have to spend hours sitting at your computer. Just open a position, and Manual Trader will do the rest!

This is a one-click trading! Simply click Buy or Sell button on the panel, and Manual Trader will set a take profit, build up a grid of orders, and apply trailing stop.

Open your orders and go to work or do other things.

You can check the product in the strategy tester in Visualization mode.

The EA also has an automatic trading mode - which can be used during periods of low volatility.

Skype here. Telegram here.

Input parameters

  • Initial lot - initial lot.
  • Autolot true - enable/disable automatic lot calculation.
  • Autolot size - amount of the deposit, for which to use Lot when Auto lot is enabled.
  • Lot multiplier - lot multiplier for the second and subsequent orders.
  • Max Lot - maximum lot size for the EA operation.
  • Distance - distance for opening the subsequent orders.
  • MaxOrders - maximum number of orders on the market.
  • Take Profit, points - take profit in points.
  • Stop Loss, points - stop loss in points from the first order.
  • Stop Loss - stop loss in the deposit currency.
  • Trail Start, points - profit in points to activate trailing stop.
  • Trail Distance, points - trailing stop distance.
  • Overlap Order - enable/disable covering loss-making orders by the last one;
  • Overlap order number - order, from which the coverage by the last order starts working.
  • Overlap percent - profit percentage for order coverage.
  • Show Statistic, Show Button Close, Show main Settings - enable/disable the display of statistics, buttons and panel on the chart.
  • Magic EA - magic number for the Expert Advisor to identify its positions.

Chinedum Ukabiala
Chinedum Ukabiala 2020.05.22 22:07 

I purchased this Manual Trader over 2 years ago. Because I did not understand how it works, especially for grid trading, I had problems using it. With the support of Ramil (the developer), I was able to understand the Trader. Having mastered the trader, it is helping me very well in my trade. Thanks to Ramil.

Jean Fermigier
Jean Fermigier 2020.05.01 21:14 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

danielshang 2020.04.27 02:48 

Great tool, 欢迎中国用户加微信18621870806交流探讨

waltfont 2020.04.10 06:09 

Nice tool if you are able to do manual trading and you need an assistant. Exactly what I was looking for...

Dwight Manglona
Dwight Manglona 2020.03.20 03:18 

Opened multiple trades within seconds, even if I set 10 pips apart

zero9898 2020.03.06 12:34 

Nice tool!

PHILLIP GRAHAM HEWARD 2020.01.22 02:14 

i just purchased this ea tonight. is there a preffered symbol and timeframe? are there any set files?

it ran overnight on eu/us 5 min. it made a decent profit buying in 20 pip steps as the price fell, then recovered almost to first trade entry level so i closed all. it works but is very scary on a 1k account.

update 2. im still nervous to let it run unwatched, but so far its more than made up the purchase price in less than 1 day. its on eu/us 30 min currently

Windra Swastika
Windra Swastika 2020.01.09 22:48 

Manual trader lets you open position and set virtual TP or SL. You can also use it for grid strategy and set the distance where you can open another position. This tool is powerful when combined with money management.

Morganitaly66 Gianfranco
Morganitaly66 Gianfranco 2020.01.05 08:14   

Goodmorning to all . SUPER GREAT .

I want advice any Trader with very simple words..

Please use Grid stratey after a simple study you can save a lot of problem of you trade life .

please belive belive I have this tool from some years ..30 USD you can get this monay in one day without stress .

After you can set to follow your strategy it will help you like a super expert support in the world.

I dont have the correct words to show the great potential of this Tool..and nobody pay me .

Thanks infinity Ramil ..a few usd for best work .

David Castillo
David Castillo 2019.11.17 22:09 

Very helpful tool for semi automated trading.

Buenov 2019.11.17 12:20   

Very nice little helper, great product.

Oliver Huebener
Oliver Huebener 2019.11.04 21:09 

MANUAL TRADER ist ein MUST HAVE Tool für den manuellen Handel. Es erleichtert das Handeln und das Money Management erheblich. Der Preis von 30 USD ist absolut fair. Mr. Ramil ist sehr freundlich und hilfsbereit. Er antwortet stets sehr schnell und ist sehr kompetent auf seinem Gebiet. ABSOLUT SUPER !!!

Michail Manelidis
Michail Manelidis 2019.10.06 11:22 

The must have tool of a trader! I highly recommend it.

Fame.Ltd 2019.10.04 16:48 

Really very helpful - a superb time and stress saver !

LeShagg 2019.09.26 19:20 

This tool meanwhile does 90% of my trades. It made more profit than any EA I tried and in contrast to EAs, it has not broke my account by now.

Of course, trading knowledge and appropriate risk management is absolutely necessary.

ctuf1 2019.09.20 15:36 

Очень удобный и прибыльный советник.

Urs von Känel
Urs von Känel 2019.09.07 20:38 

Ähnlich wie Black Star Premium, aber eben manuel.

david880 2019.07.24 16:53 

I have been searching for this kind of Semi-auto Trade tool for some time. I confirm it works great after tested on demo account, and plan to work on my real account in few days.

Definitely, this is the best EA of this kind in the market , 5 stars . thank you very much Ramil !

Dzmitri Kharuk
Dzmitri Kharuk 2019.07.18 20:59 

Отличный робот-помощник, пять звёзд. Хотелось бы добавить функцию работы по тренду а не только против (например вкладкой *реверс* в настройках). Спасибо, Рамиль

Excellent robot assistant, five stars. It would be desirable to add function of work on a trend and not just against (for example a tab * a reverse * in settings). Thanks, Ramil

Tao Xu
Tao Xu 2019.07.18 13:33 

the best of EA in the market , 5 stars . thank you Ramil !

Юлия 2019.06.14 15:58 

Добрый день, Робот не реально хорош, очень помогает в торговле, понравилось очень что он работает с любой валютной парой и нет привязки ко времени. Результатом торговли останетесь довольными, рекомендую

Qun Li
Qun Li 2019.06.02 18:00 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Cunsheng Cao
Cunsheng Cao 2019.04.16 16:29 

If you are a good trader, this is really a very good tool!!!!! Ramil is very helpful and kind

Denis Beaudoin
Denis Beaudoin 2019.03.05 19:57 

Very good EA. Useful to make a nice grid system.

Michel Lacroix
Michel Lacroix 2019.01.29 22:51 

After many bugs and money loss I changed my review. The Algo acts up with certain pairs. Unpredictable and it not constant.

sandy0077 2018.12.20 19:14 

very good tool!!! great support!!!

Рустем Юлдашбаев
Рустем Юлдашбаев 2018.12.15 14:44 

Хороший помощник! Главное не жадничать, иметь запас по депозиту. Автору спасибо за возможность людям заработать.

Peter Chan
Peter Chan 2018.12.08 03:23 

This is a great tool and saves a tonne of time. seller is very helpful and kind when asking for help. very pleased!!!

RAJARATNAM RAGULAN 2018.12.05 15:59 

5 stars, Free time for me. Nice EA, I would recommend.

Julian Greaves
Julian Greaves 2018.11.28 09:28 

Great EA. Use low leverage. Use good analysis to enter. You will make money. Thanks Ramil!

Daniel Veloza
Daniel Veloza 2018.11.24 11:46 

Loving it! This is really helping my trades. If you have good margin and good risk management, this EA will help you win most of your trades. Try in demo first to get used to grid trading. Very good EA Rammil!

chadrikz 2018.11.06 08:30 

very good EA.. thanks

EDGARS BARTULANS 2018.10.21 09:55 

MT очень полезная штука на рынке !

Jonathan Moss
Jonathan Moss 2018.10.11 20:54 

I wish I had this when I started trading 4 years ago! If you are the type of trader that places a well researched trade and then sees it hit the stop loss, only to reverse to your predicted direction this will help you! It takes the guess work out, and recovers a losing trade by using a grid system. Its like trading with insurance. Start small though (0.01) until you are consistently profiting.

Michael Ogbonnaya
Michael Ogbonnaya 2018.09.15 06:09 

Very good EA to manage manual trades. I'm very emotional when it comes to manual trading and I've been losing money because of this. Manual Trader has helped me to recover my losses and also keeps profiting more and more. Simply click buy or sell and walk away though I try to get a good entry point and then let it handle the rest.

Thank you Ramil for this awesome product.

EraserMS 2018.09.13 12:59   

Отличный советник. Очень доволен. Рекомендую

John Patrick Siao
John Patrick Siao 2018.08.11 05:58 

Very good product! Very useful when I open manual trades.

Bradley Cole
Bradley Cole 2018.07.01 11:36 

Another very good EA Ramil. This one would be my favorite. Thank You.

Jafaruddin Se Mm
Jafaruddin Se Mm 2018.05.25 10:36 

The good product. I recommend. Thank you Rammil Minniakhmetov.

Sven Ader
Sven Ader 2018.02.26 21:22 

Very Good Semi Automatic EA with a very clever overlap feature. Highly recommend for

each trader who wants to make money in the Forex market !!!

Michal Vido
Michal Vido 2018.02.10 20:43 

One of the best tools in EA market.

kamalanathan Perumal
kamalanathan Perumal 2018.01.24 14:30 

வணக்கம் ,.

ரெமெல் படைபில் அருமை இந்த கருவி மிகவும் பயனுல்லது.

ஐந்து நட்சத்திரம்


DENYS KOSHCHAVETS 2018.01.22 10:19 

Супер продукт . Открыл сделку и забыл . Робот Сделает все сам . 5 балов

Meikel 2018.01.11 18:13 


Ich steige vor dem Trend ein und habe eine erhebliche Arbeiterleichterung durch den EA.

Vielen Dank Ramil

Volodymyr Dromov
Volodymyr Dromov 2017.12.19 20:31 

хороший помощник в работе , главное подобрать правильные параметры , а главное не жадничать

omar.nour 2017.12.19 10:19 

Very Good EA

Aleksey Minakov
Aleksey Minakov 2017.11.30 14:17 

Отличный продукт! Сильно выручает. Огромное спасибо автору и творческих успехов в будущем.

MkVilly 2017.11.28 12:20 

Good settings and good entries will set good results!

Thanks, Ramil, this has helped me a lot so far.


MagusNotes 2017.11.15 15:48 

An excellent trading tool. Very nicely made. I highly recommend it. Thank you!

Charles Uzodinma
Charles Uzodinma 2017.11.08 21:39 

New update is helpful, but akes my chart too colourful n clusttered, after i removed main setting from chart , i want buy and sell buttons at original location , i.e bottom left. an i go back to the previous version

This program helps me alot. I wish i can use for GOld trading

Now can trade with gold by adding extra zeros on TP,SL,STEP ,TRAILING ETC

ads123 2017.11.03 19:16 

Great utility, Ramil has done great job.

Boris Gribov
Boris Gribov 2017.10.25 22:29 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Hatem Abou Ouf
Hatem Abou Ouf 2017.10.25 18:02 

buggy, the trailing and stop loss is not working as they should. make loss

Suragat1 2017.10.24 19:20 

Купил. Поставил на счёт. Слил.

a1964h 2017.10.11 07:07 

мне нравится - торгует без стресса.

Richard Caughell
Richard Caughell 2017.10.06 02:05 

The addition of the new break even feature (overlap feature) essentials makes manual trading unstoppable. Thank you Ramil, 10 stars plus!

Haifeng Liu
Haifeng Liu 2017.10.04 11:42 


Sami Cem Talu
Sami Cem Talu 2017.10.04 02:14 

I think this new version now is Inevitable Tool for Pro and Newbie

Manual traders. I recommend for who want to make Money on Forex market

Evgeniy Golovchuk
Evgeniy Golovchuk 2017.10.03 21:54 

Хороший помощник в работе. Может сопровождать открытые ордера вами, или другого советника. Использую его в паре с некоторыми советниками этого же автора. Один из вариантов, если вы любитель поторговать руками, советую прикупить его, а так же, индикатор TraderDream. Автору спасибо за работу!

Apostolos Petrakis
Apostolos Petrakis 2017.10.03 16:12 

One of the best tools in EA market. Makes trading a piece of cake. Thank you Ramil!

burak bahadir
burak bahadir 2017.10.03 14:55 

not good

MN150981 2017.09.21 07:32 

Спасибо Рамиль за отличный продукт и за оперативные ответы!

JoaoFigueiroa 2017.09.09 19:55 

Great tool! I'm using for breakout and it's working really well for me. Recommended for grid strategies saving a lot of time and let the tool work for you!

Fabricio Correia
Fabricio Correia 2017.08.25 15:56 

its does what it says on the tin

Lev Vladimirovic Marushkin
Lev Vladimirovic Marushkin 2017.08.19 07:29 

Great for Trend and Reversal Trading!

Cengiz Erkoyuncu
Cengiz Erkoyuncu 2017.05.30 23:55 

Good + a few issues.

1. there is no commision per lot on the settings menu. No calculation with commision at the breakeven line.

2. Chaotic arrows can be clean with a simple button.

3. Text label's colours not visible on the black background. Can be fix.

Thats why I gave 4star.

Nonchan 2017.03.21 07:17 

great EA I have been using it for over 3 years.And most of all Ramil is the best suportive person always on traders side.Very faithful.I recommend it.

JustUncleL 2017.03.20 23:32 

This is a great EA, when you have entered a trade that suddenly Pull Back from trend this EA will recovery your trade when trend resumes, can set a large stop loss as a safety net. I love this EA, I also use it with other signal EAs to control the exit, I now rarely get a lose. Highly recommended.

Nicholas Kaulbach
Nicholas Kaulbach 2017.03.01 18:05 

Very good

Станислав 2017.02.18 11:46 

СПАСИБООООоооо отличный продукт.

josy85 2017.02.07 23:52 

Great Ea for grid traders . I highly recommended it .

a.b.c.d.5 2017.02.06 16:25 

Hace pocos días buscando un EA encontré Manual Trade leyendo los comentarios y lo que hace este programa directamente lo compre y lo puse en funcionamiento con un capital de 197 USD y me a dado ganancias diarias de 12 USD en promedio con aproximadamente 5 operaciones por día , si hubiera puesto un capital de 1970 USD tendría un promedio de 120 USD por día en honor a la verdad nada de mal por eso es que lo recomiendo.

Ufuoma John Emefeke
Ufuoma John Emefeke 2017.01.22 13:07 

5 stars Ramil, you deserve more. I bought Manual trader and I must say it's the cheapest of all, but don't make the price fool you. To me, this is one product I've been looking for over 8 years now. My advice is for you to buy an uptrend and sell a downtrend, with this EA, poor entry is not a problem, it might even work in your favour. I think Ramil is the best out there, no competition whatsoever.

Bing Lu
Bing Lu 2016.12.30 13:59 


Aleksej Shcherbak
Aleksej Shcherbak 2016.12.11 02:50 

Хороший советник , простой и надежный .

netprofit 2016.12.02 11:25   

Such a great tool !

If you have good entry signal, you always have this insurance to bring home your profit for 100%!

NataAr 2016.11.26 01:13 

Рамиль, спасибо за отличного помощника! Рекомендую всем.

Andrey Bakhilin
Andrey Bakhilin 2016.09.27 22:49   

Thank you, Ramil! I like your EA. I've been using it for a long time. It simple, reliable and easy to use. I would recommend it to anyone familiar with basic market analysis. One think I would add to it, it is a chance of making multiple orders without changing the magic number.

Spiros Galiatsatos
Spiros Galiatsatos 2016.08.05 18:02 

Exactly what I was looking for! Excellent EA. Thank you Ramil!

Elpis 2016.03.31 14:58 

Great EA. It would be perfect if in the next release there was also the management of opposites orders simultaneously for quick scalping

Fredy Tello
Fredy Tello 2016.03.28 01:41 

Very good adviser, saves us a lot of work !!!

Denis Leontjev
Denis Leontjev 2016.02.26 11:50 

Отличный советник. Главная его ценность это минимальное количество настроек, алгоритм работы интуитивно понятен. Подойдет для начинающих и опытных трейдеров. И главное если у вас бесконечный минус от торговли, он даст возможность торговать в плюс. Отдельное спасибо Рамилю. По настройкам рекомендую брать шаг сетки 500п, и СЛ соответственно исходя из количества ордеров. Если его использовать в сочетании с линиями SUP и RES, индикатором(RSI,Stochastic) профит будет не за горами.

Marius Lazar
Marius Lazar 2016.01.25 04:04 

The EA does exactly what is says it does. The rest is up to your settings and entries. Thank you Ramil!

Dmitriy Polovnikov
Dmitriy Polovnikov 2016.01.05 18:23 

Хороший продукт для тех кому не хватает времени для отслеживания торгов, гибкая настройка советника, автор ответит на интересующие вас вопросы, рекомендую

Yongyi Liao
Yongyi Liao 2015.12.11 12:22 

Great, and very good service

laiSSS 2015.12.04 09:53   

Рамиль, добрый день,

к сожалению, мой терминал при попытках торговать с Manual Trader постоянно зависает. Пробовал с MT4 build 890...920. Огромная просьба обновить продукт!!!!!!!! В остальном - продукт замечательный!

Borodin161 2015.11.30 17:20 

Лишняя трата денег. Автор выдает бесплатные продукты за свои.

Chirag Brahmbhatt
Chirag Brahmbhatt 2015.11.25 07:47 

Great ea for grid traders..It almost reduced my calculation work to 80%... A must buy tool for Grid Traders.. Fully Satisfied.

Ivan Ivanov
Ivan Ivanov 2015.11.23 18:10 

Хороший, надежный и удобный робот, рекомендую!

Tony Whyte
Tony Whyte 2015.11.19 05:25 

The problem with Limit Orders is that this EA Enters Buy orders below market price so that price must fall then it buys & vice versa it Sells rising prices . Can EA be written to place Stop Orders so that Traders who like to Buy rising prices & Sell falling prices are satisfied ? Lazarus .

Christopher Benavente
Christopher Benavente 2015.11.18 12:28 

Great recovery tool for those trades made when the price goes against you! Well done!

Konstantin Evsyukov
Konstantin Evsyukov 2015.11.14 15:26 

Эта вещь лучше чем я ожидал,правильно работать и все будет хорошо!Не тестировал на всяких демо,сразу работаю на реале. Прирост 80% к депо!за пару дней(скальпировал). Общем никому не советую,а то появятся конкуренты :)))

Akshay De
Akshay De 2015.11.11 09:15 

Great tool for manual back-testing and fast trading. It is a wonderful simulator to improve your trading skills, and identifying and correcting your weak area. If you are a discretionary trader, you must have this tool.

danielplotzke 2015.08.06 06:13 

GREAT EA! Making real money on real account. Thank you so much ramil. you are great at what you do. I love this EA!

Flavio Martins Ferreira
Flavio Martins Ferreira 2015.07.27 15:11 

what is slud?

Andrey Adaev
Andrey Adaev 2015.07.20 11:13 

Отличный советник!!! советую всем

worxone 2015.06.09 16:12 

Хороший усреднитель. Следует добавить возможность, чтобы вёл открытые руками сделки.

Dmitriy Karpushkin
Dmitriy Karpushkin 2015.05.25 12:11 


Sergey Shatrovoy
Sergey Shatrovoy 2015.03.16 07:55   

Подумал пол дня, подумал и прикупил советника :-)

Sergey Filinov
Sergey Filinov 2015.03.13 18:54 

Рекомендую для работы. Качественный продукт. Автор оперативно отвечает на вопросы, отдельное спасибо! Особенно полезен на волатильных инструментах. Спасибо!

tulqin 2015.01.10 22:10 


Dmytro Marzhiievskyi
Dmytro Marzhiievskyi 2014.12.20 06:21 

Очень удобный и практичный инструмент. За декабрь неплохо заработал с ним)

Vyacheslav Pavlenko
Vyacheslav Pavlenko 2014.12.01 21:44 

Удобный такой советник!

Dmitriy Sleptsov
Dmitriy Sleptsov 2014.12.01 11:49 

Незаменимый помощник в торговле, открыл сделку и забыл. Супер!

Toshka 2014.11.20 18:17 

пять звезд это еще мало

Andrey Tsygankov
Andrey Tsygankov 2014.11.15 19:33 

Пока был на работе , поставил советника на график EURUSD m15, пришел был приятно удивлен, советник вывел и закрыл открытую сделку с плюсом. Использую как дополнительный инструмент для торговли.

Evgenii Polyanichko
Evgenii Polyanichko 2014.11.12 22:48 

хорошая работа. благодарю

Иван Чемадура
Иван Чемадура 2014.11.06 12:52 

Рамиль! Я просто получаю удовольсвие от твоего продукта.

Он очень качественный.

Чувствуется рука трейдера.

Спасибо! С уважением, Иван Чемадура

Valeri Simov
Valeri Simov 2014.11.06 00:47 

Great product!!! very usefull!! Thanks Ramil!!!

volga063 2014.10.28 07:18 

Отличный инструмент, что называется, поставил и забыл, не нужно сидеть у компьютера. Присоединяюсь к нижесказанному ранее. Автору респект, как всегда на высоте.

Aleksandr Spichkin
Aleksandr Spichkin 2014.10.16 11:40 

Приобрел данную вещичку по принципу "Когда нибудь пригодится". Пригодился сразу. Немного поразмыслив открыл два графика с EURUSD (пять знаков), на оба повесил данного советника с разными магиками. Изменил в настройка TP на 50 и Martin на 2.0 На одном графике открываю SELL на другом BUY, и так постоянно как только закрывается сделка. Результат не заставил себя долго ждать, при депо 500, лот 0,01 в день набегает минимум 10% (от 50$). Главное не торговать во время выхода важных новостей! Спасибо автору!

y1974 2014.10.13 16:33   

Рамиль,спасибо за быстрое и понятное объяснение в настройках и работе советника. Всем кто сомневается, рекомендую.

andywang 2014.09.18 19:02 

Great tool for trading system to control losses

Vinit Makol
Vinit Makol 2014.09.11 20:43 

Great Tool. Paid for itself in 10 minutes..

Mahadir Abd Aziz
Mahadir Abd Aziz 2014.09.11 12:29 

Superb tools.. help me so much for manual trade. ++++

Дмитрий Столяров
Дмитрий Столяров 2014.08.11 10:29   

все заработало! спасибо!

Bogdan Bovykin
Bogdan Bovykin 2014.07.21 08:39   

Торгую руками, как правило, никогда не бывает отличного входа. Если вижу сигнал на покупку, то вхожу сразу же, и оставшуюся работу перекладываю на Manual Trader. В случае, если цена пошла против меня, он добирает позиции, тем самым усредняясь и, когда цена начинает идти в мою сторону, у меня неплохой набор лотности, что увеличивает мою прибыль!

очень доволен!

Автор - быстро отвечает, очень лоялен! приятно иметь дело!

Draknezor 2014.06.29 12:16 

Отличный инструмент и помощник!!! в совокупности с другими работами данного автора - в целом получается готовая рабочая "что не мало важно" стратегия!

Elena Zueva
Elena Zueva 2014.06.18 10:02 

Отличный советник. Торгую вторую неделю, очень довольна. Рекомендую.

Aleksandr Myasin
Aleksandr Myasin 2014.06.16 15:59 

Good! Vacated for me heap of time. I recommend.

Version 17.0 2020.01.20
Added the ability to limit the number of orders
Version 16.0 2020.01.03
Added "auto" operating mode
Version 15.0 2019.12.11
Fixed errors in spread calculation
Version 14.0 2018.10.29
Added the ability to change the font in the panel
Version 13.0 2018.03.26
Added a limit on the maximum number of orders and added a stop loss in points from the first order
Version 12.0 2017.10.20
Fixed bugs in trailing stop operation
Version 11.0 2017.10.03
Added a panel for managing the parameters from chart
Version 10.0 2016.04.08
Added automatic recognition of 4-5 digit quotes
Version 9.0 2016.03.31
Fixed formation of large log files
Version 8.0 2016.02.29
Added display of trailing stop
Version 7.0 2016.02.08
The EA was revised for the new build, improved the speed of opening and closing orders
Version 6.0 2014.10.09
Added stop loss in USD.
Version 4.0 2014.09.25
- Fixed position closing at the restart of the terminal.
- Fixed stop loss.
Version 3.0 2014.07.01
Fixed stop loss operation
Version 2.0 2014.06.17
Fixed working on ECN accounts.