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MT4 Strategy Tester Skipping Passes?

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Tom Satori
Tom Satori  

Hi all,

I'm very new to Strategy Tester and have a hopefully easy question. I'm testing a simple EA that closes trades based on fixed stops and targets.

If you note my optimizing variables below, I'm testing a stop every 4p from 14p up to 40p (7 passes), and a profit every $4 from $10 up to $130 (31 passes) - equalling (7 x 31) = 217 combinations.

My first question is when I run the test, why does the Settings tab display 1,280 (308) (highlighted yellow)?

My second question is why would the tester only return 70 passes? The highlighted 20 in the above image skips every 2 to 3 numbers until 70, then it skips to the end.

I have

  • unchecked "skip useless passes" and can confirm there are negative-balance passes among the 70 Optimization Results;
  • nothing checked in the "Optimization" tab in Expert Properties;
  • cleared Tester/Cache.

Because you are using the Genetic Algorithm.


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